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CTD is divided into three sections:

The Biology department supports projects where the aim is to generate a small molecule drug rather than a therapeutic antibody. They work closely with the Chemistry department, and are divided into two sections; Assay Development and Screening, and Compound Profiling and Cellular Pharmacology.

The Chemistry department is responsible for the synthesis and delivery of novel chemical substances that are stepping stones on the path to developing new drugs.

The BioTherapeutics team uses patented techniques to generate therapeutic antibodies, and carry out affinity maturation and biophysical characterisation. They also offer a commercial antibody humanisation service, you can find more information about the service at

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Principal Disease Indication(s)

All including Oncology, Fibrosis, Neurodegeneration, Inflammation, Anti-infectives, Pain, Autoimmune disease, Cushings disease


Small molecule (250K+), phage antibodies. Extensive aspects of DD pipeline covered.


HCI, MPA, HTS plate reader, label free, biophysical (SPR, ITC, Thermal shift)

Funding sources:

Self funded through income from translational activities



Number of Screens / year (any size):


Medicinal Chemistry Follow-up:


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Dr Catherine Kettleborough

Phone: +44 (0)1438 544966

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