The Institute of Cancer Research – CRUK Cancer Therapeutics Unit

The Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit is the largest academic cancer drug discovery and development group worldwide. Its 12 research teams cover every aspect of new drug discovery and development, from cell and molecular biology through to chemical synthesis of new agents and their evaluation in clinical trials.

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Principal Disease Indication(s)



Small molecules (210K), fragments (2K), siRNA. Extensive aspects of DD pipeline covered.


HCI, HTS plate reader, mobility shift assays, SPR, ITC, DSF, Xray crystallography

Funding sources:

Cancer Research UK, The ICR, Wellcome Trust, industrial collaborators



Number of Screens / year (any size):


Medicinal Chemistry Follow-up:


Contact Details

Rob van Montfort, Team Leader – Hit Discovery and Structural Design Team
Phone 0208 722 4364

Rosemary Burke, Senior Staff Scientist – Hit Discovery and Structural Design Team
Phone 0208 722 4258

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