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The European Screening Centre, Newhouse is an integrated drug discovery/chemical biology group that provides an array of compound screening and medicinal chemistry capabilities. With skills in biology, chemistry and technologies, it is a key group within the IMI funded European Lead Factory and is located at Biocity Scotland in Lanarkshire. With greater than 150 years of collective experience gained in pharma, biotech and academic environments the scientists have extensive knowledge of translational research and the drug discovery cycle over a wide range of target classes.

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Principal Disease Indication(s)

All human diseases


Small molecules (326K (2013) – 500K (2017)), biophysical, biochemical assays


ultra-HTS plate-reader, SPR, label-free

Funding sources:

Innovative Medicines Initiative, SULSA



Number of Screens / year (any size):


Medicinal Chemistry Follow-up:


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Dr Phil Jones

Phone:  +44 (0)1698 539 630

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