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The Drug Discovery Unit is a fully operational, fully integrated drug discovery group working across multiple disease areas. We collaborate with partners to translate world-class biology research into novel drug targets and candidate drugs to address unmet medical need across our two areas of activity, Diseases of the Developing World and Innovative Targets Portfolio.

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Principal Disease Indication(s)

Diseases of the Developing World, Innovative Targets & Pathways


Biophysical, biochemical, cellular assays


19F and 1H NMR, BLI, SPR, FLINT, FP, SPA, TR-FRET, category 2 cell culture including reporter and high content screening, category 3 parasite culture, viability and mechanism of action modalities

Funding sources:

Charities, research councils, industry, UK government



Number of Screens / year (any size):

32 diversity, 24 biophysical

Medicinal Chemistry Follow-up:


Contact Details

David Gray

Phone:  Tel: +44 (0)1382 386 247

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