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At the University of Leeds we have developed a novel antibody-mimetic technology called Adhiron (commercially known as Affimers) that can mimic the molecular recognition of an antibody but can also be expressed in cells for functional studies.  As well as guiding the development of new therapeutic molecules to relevant epitopes on target proteins, the Adhirons can be used as tool reagents for assay development work to rapidly identify competitive binders from both small molecule and peptide ligands screens. Being able to rapidly screen millions of potential binders to identify the few significant leads, Adhiron reduces the cost and time needed to develop a drug and often shows lower toxicity effects than small molecule drugs.

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Principal Disease Indication(s)

All human diseases




Phage display, biochemical, biophysical, cell based assays, biologics

Funding sources:

University of Leeds, UK government, charities, industry



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Dr Darren Tomlinson

Phone: +44 (0)113 343 7099

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