University of Leeds – BioScreening Technology Group (BSTG)

siRNA is a powerful tool that identifies the function of genes by silencing their expression and examining the phenotypic consequences.  At the BSTG we primarily perform cell based whole or part-genome siRNA screens to individually silence genes in the human or mouse genome to identify genes that impact on cellular pathways and human disease. To achieve this we develop specific end-point phenotypic assays (based on high content microscopy or fluorimetery) to assess the consequences of knockdown and identify genes associated with the phenotype or disease of interest.  Similarly we perform miRNA screens. Our final area of expertise is in performing cell based high-throughput small molecule screens to identify novel therapeutics for treatment of human and animal disease.

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Principal Disease Indication(s)

All human diseases


Genome-wide human and mouse RNAi, miRNA inhibitors and mimics, small molecule screening, drug repurposing


HCI, MPA, HTS plate reader

Funding sources:

University of Leeds, UK government, charities, European Commission



Number of Screens / year (any size):


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Dr Jacquelyn Bond and Dr Julie Higgins

Phone: +44 (0)113 343 7099

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